Washington Capitals Fan Blog

By Justin Kirn

The NHL will surely be a dull place without the Washington Capitals. There is something in the air in the country's capital that makes a lot of teams from the city so exciting and entertaining. Take a look at the Capitals and the situation becomes all the more clearer.

The Capitals have been a very entertaining team for the most part. They play open attacking hockey most of the time which is very good to watch but it also leaves them vulnerable against well drilled and tactically astute teams.  Their style of play is all well and good if it delivers the desired results but as we fans have come to find out that isn't always is the case.


However, the last decade or so hasn't been compared to all that has happened over the years. The Capitals have been a little more consistent since the turn of the century. A lot of that is down to a subtle yet important change in the way they play. They still look to play with flair but are more tactically aware of what they need to do to win games.

The change has worked and that has reflected in the team's performances as well. The Caps have gone on to lift six of their eight division crowns after the turn of the century. Not only that, but they have also won a President's Trophy during that time. The time has come for them to move forward and go on to achieve bigger and better things. That time doesn't look too far off now so let's hope that happens sooner rather than later.