Washington Redskins Fan Blog

  • By Jim Andrew Hey

There have been times when I have wondered will I survive everything that my beloved Washington Redskins put me through most of the time. Then I realize thinking all that is just plain irrelevant because no matter what happens there is no way I am going to stop backing them so might as well get back to doing that.

The Redskins are for me the most fascinating NFL team right now. They have a habit of doing things out of the ordinary and that is a major part of their appeal. You never know what to expect of them. One day they will be brilliant and on other days the complete opposite of that. Welcome to the world of the Washington Redskins.


From the time they were incepted way back in 1932, they have made it a habit of winning things in patches. It’s like they get tired of winning and then realize okay enough of that and then sit back and let other teams take over. After a few barren years, they will once again wake up and start playing like only they can. Whereas most teams shift gears during the course of a game or a season, the Redskins tend to do that in after a gap of ever few years. They put their fans through the ringer more often than not but even then they are among the most followed, if not the most followed teams in the league.

Yes, being a Redskins fan isn’t always easy. Yes, they are unpredictable but even then they have some of the most loyal supporters in the game behind them who back their team every step of the way. No one knows what the new season will throw up but boy it is going to be fun; that is for sure.