Washington Capitals Fan Blog

By William Shatner

Being a Washington Capitals fan hasn't always been easy. We have seen the team suffer, we have seen false dawns and we have had our hopes shattered but things have been better, much better recently. That is down to the hard work put in by a lot of people and for that they deserve all the plaudits they get.

The thing is, the Capitals still aren't where we as fans would want them to see on the NHL ladder. Yes, we are getting there but then sports history is full of teams who have shown all the potential in the world but have not quite managed to get over the finish line. So let's just say I for one am full of cautious optimism right now.

Nothing and I mean nothing in this world makes me feel better than to see my beloved Capitals triumph. The team and fans have been through a lot together. I have been supporting them since late 1980's and have been witness to that horrible barren period that engulfed the team before their conference winning triumphs in the year 1997.

It was a horrendous period with a lot of changed and unpredictability surrounding the Caps. We stuck at it and started to crawl our way out of that mess. I have seen my team win half a dozen division titles since the beginning of this century. It might not seem much for fans of a lot of teams but is still a sign that things are going in the right direction. We are now in an ideal position to take the next step and after all that we had to put through over the years I just can't wait to see what the future holds.