Washington Wizards:

Things are beginning to look up for the Washington Wizards after a long time. Yes, they haven't really covered themselves in glory but they have shown enough promises to keep fans optimistic over the team's future.

The Wizards have since their inception won every title that there is to win in NBA but all that success has unfortunately been followed by droughts. The franchise came into existence right at the beginning of 1960's as the Chicago Packers. The name was then changed to the Chicago Zephyrs after a solitary season.

The same thing happened after next campaign and they were re-named Baltimore Bullets for the next ten years. They went on to make their mark on basketball for the first time in the year 1969 by winning their first ever division title. Two years later they did the double of both the conference as well as the division.

That was the start of their most productive era in the sport. The team went on to clinch four straight division championships between 1972 and 1974. They division title fell half a dozen times for them during that decade. Not only that but they also won all of their four conference titles during the 70's too. They capped it off perfectly by going all the way to lifting the NBA crown as well in the year 1978.

That's just about as good as it has gotten since then. They got their current named in 1997 and the management has been trying to take them to the top once again. All that years of hard work finally seems to be paying off with the Wizards now putting together a roster with a good blend of experience and youth. Just a few more tweaks here and a few more there will hopefully do the trick.