Washington Redskins Fan Blog

By John Russell 

Yes, we are all fans of the Washington Redskins that much is pretty evident. We have been made to worry a lot recently but then hey that is a part and parcel of being a sports fan. If you can’t handle the thrills and spills that a season brings along then there is no point in supporting a team really.

The Redskins have given us plenty to cheer about as well during a lot of NFLseasons. We can't really deny that. They have finally begun to show signs of progress and let us just hope they take it from here. The Redskins, as we all know are a major force when they are at the top of their game. I know it, you know it, and every football fan knows it.

There is one other thing that makes them so fascinating. The Redskins have that element of unpredictability to them and I, for one, kind of like that. Yes we would always want them to be successful, yes the ups and downs are heart stopping at times but isn't that why we all love sports so much.



Life needs some variety. Monotony is boring. Don't get me wrong, I really do want them to come out on top every year but there is something inside me that says they should do that with that unpredictability attached to their plays most of the time.

The Redskins won their first league title in 1972, the second in 1942 and then in 1982, 1987 and finally the last one in 1991. Look at their conference title wins and it shows that the Redskins like to put their fans through the ringer. More often than not they will hit you and win a championship when you least expect them to.

Yes, they have been rather more consistent when it comes to winning the division but that simply goes to illustrate the point. You never know what they might end up doing when it comes to going post division triumph. That is something that makes me fall in love with them even more. They are brilliant to watch and they don't tend to do things the easy way, the only they way they get things done is through the Redskins way.