Washington Capitals:


For a team that started to peak for the first time in the latter half of 1990’s, the Washington Capitals haven’t done too badly. That is not to say they shouldn’t have done better in the past because in all honesty they should have. The Capitals haven’t really been a flash in the pan and have continued to be there every season.

There are a number of teams not only in the NHL but also in other leagues who after winning a championship have fallen to the wayside pretty quickly. The Capitals have managed to avoid meeting the same feat and for that they deserve credit.

Our beloved Capitals lifted their first major trophy at the end of the 1988-1989 campaign when they were crowned division champions for the first time in their history. The next few years didn’t exactly go according to the script and there came a real danger of the team imploding because of that.

The Washington Capitals rose once again and clinched their first conference crown at the end of the 1997-1998 season. They avoided the mistakes they made the last time they lifted a championship almost a decade ago and won another two division titles to make it three major titles in a row.

They have managed to win a total of eight division gongs since 1999-2000 season. Add their President Trophy triumph of 2010 to the equation and the record becomes even more impressive. The Capitals have been consistent especially in their division, there is no disputing that. Should they have done better? Possibly so. Signs are there that it won’t be too long before they go all the way. When that really happens is what remains to be seen but as fans we have an obligation to back them to the hilt.