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We will now be looking at what the Virginia Tech Hokies football program has done over the years and what makes them so unique. The Hokies have been a major force in the sport for as long as they have been playing and especially since the NCAA Division I era.

The Hokies first took to playing football way back in the year 1892. Since then they have gone on to set new records multiple times over. The Hokies have triumphed in more games than any other team in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Their all time record in terms of performance is nothing to be sniffed at either.

With seven conference titles to their name and two dozen appearances to bowl games, the Hokies have firmly established themselves as one of the most prestigious teams on the circuit today.

The Hokies play their games at the intimidating Lane Stadium, one of the most, if not the most intimidating arenas in the country for the opposition to play in. It can play host to sixty five thousand of the loudest fans in the country. When they cheer on their team then they make sure their voices are heard all throughout the country.

The Hokies are yet to win a national title and that is a mystery that is just too unbelievable to even comprehend. They are not doing too badly this time around either and that gives the teams fans renewed hope. They need to get their elusive title in their trophy cabinet. When do they actually manage to pull it off still remains to be seen.