LOL Hokies – Blog

By Sheldon Mayer

The Hokies have been on a roll in football, a force that has gone on to win everything there is to win, apart from the national championship of course. That one statistic is just staggering and is a constant source of amusement to their rivals. As a sports fan, I find the fact Hokies not being crowned national champions a bit troublesome.

The Virginia Tech Hokies are among the most prestigious and historic football programs in NCAA Division I. They have been there and have been very consistent performers especially in the past two decades.

The Hokies have managed to lift the conference crown multiple times, they have been to bowl games on around two dozen different occasions and have produced one All-American after another. The big one, the right to be called the best in the country has still eluded them for one reason or another.

This is one staggering statistic. It has given rival fans the chance to mock them which frankly is quite unjustified. The Hokies record has been pretty impressive overall. They are regarded very highly by analysts. Their record of winning games is unparalleled when compared to other sides in the conference.

The Hokies have all the ingredients in place to go to the top of the ladder. They have the squad, the coaching staff to go all the way. With just a little bit of luck going their way, the Hokies are bound to get their hands of the elusive national championship one day. With the most vociferous support in the country behind them, it doesn’t look like they have will have to wait a whole lot longer.