Meet the Writers :

"The Miz" Mike

Mike has been a fan of the DC sports landscape for as long he cares to remember. Born in Manassas he first got hooked to everything DC sports when he went on to catch the action live at a Redskins game. The Redskins thumped Atlanta Falcons by a score of 56-17 and that was the start of his love affair with DC sports that has lasted till today.  Since he is a sports fanatic, he tries to watch as many DC games as possible live at the arenas around the country. As long as the team in action is from DC or Virginia, Mike will be there to back them. His Virginia Tech and Redskins tattoos are a testament to how much he adores the DC sports landscape.

 Kevin Burke

Born in Leesburg, VA, Kevin Burke also got hooked to Virginia Tech and DC sports at a very early age. He has been a native of NOVA all his life. Burke loves to write on sports and that comes from his being such a die-hard sports fan. He missed his beloved Redskins winning the Super Bowl because he was very young back then. He is now longing for the day when they once again go to the top of the ladder. He has also worked as an On-Field Emcee for the Salem Red Sox and as a PA announcer Virginia Tech’s baseball program.